Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Why "bad" things happen to good people

Why do bad things happen to good people? This is a question that has been asked by all kinds of people for time immemorial. Well guess what? I'm going to answer the question. Yes, that's right! I'm first going to give a very general answer and then I am going to give an answer much more tailored to a very specific type of person--which I will identify.
First, the very general answer. The general answer has its roots in the fact that human beings have free will. With this free will comes the ability for all kinds and forms of chaos and madness to be unleashed and that impacts all kinds of people, including people that, at the most basic level, had absolutely nothing to do with one person's actions of free will that may have occurred hundreds or even thousands of years ago. So there's that.

Now I want to give the answer that is specifically for men and women of faith--men and women of faith who have some very specific and very important work to do in this life. Pay close attention. You just might be such a person without even knowing it. Perhaps reading the words here themselves will clue you into the fact that you are such a person. Once again, free will is at the root.

OK? Here we go. 

Some of us people of faith are called to be prophets, certain types of healers, and other specific types of people of faith. Because of the nature of our assignments or calling (which we agreed to before we were born) we must undergo certain trials. In the human experience such trials are often called, "bad things." We have to go through these trials because the work we have to do on this earth requires that we choose this work very seriously and very carefully and even, if necessary, after we have undergone many things that are labeled, "bad things." This is one of the ways we begin to understand just how incredibly deeply our work must, must, must be grounded in LOVE. After undergoing these trials, because of free will, we can choose to break that agreement we made before we were born. And no penalties are assessed. However, if we undergo these trials and our faith is eventually strengthened and our hearts are broken open and we are filled even more with LOVE, then we are fit and ready to carry on with that agreement that we made before we were born. It is extremely important to understand that God/Goddess/Universal Consciousness nor no one or nothing else is "testing you. You are testing yourself.

Thanks Be To...LOVE (which some people sometimes call God). But that post is for another day. I Love you!

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